Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Riley Quips

So, my youngest is a video head. Yes, at 5 he plays waaaayyy too much on whatever video game console he can find. His current favorite is the Original Nintendo that we hooked up. He loves Mario Bros 3. Shawn said he can hum the different tunes based on what level he's on. Shawn listened to it all morning long and when he got Riley to come spend some time with him Shawn was humming the one of the tunes. Riley told Shawn that he was humming level 5. He knows where enough warp whistles are to get to the end and he has played the first world so much that he looks like a pro when you first come in to watch. Too much video playing? Well, tonight he was in playing and all the sudden I hear, "I killed him! Hooray for me!" It was hilarious. That's my boy, full of self affirming comments. You will frequently hear him congratulating himself with "good job" or "you did it!" He really doesn't need anyone else to do it for him. He rarely lets an opportunity pass without a few words of self encouragement. Guess I don't do enough for him. Shawn says he is imitating the Mario in voice. I guess he will come up with some slight pizzaria accent and frequently says, "Mama Mia" and "Luigi" or "Mario" with accent. Shawn's going to try to record it.

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