Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Baaaaackkkkk!

Okay, so that was lame. And major sigh. I lost anybody that was actually checking my blog regularly by not ever writing so I guess I deserve to write this for myself. It's been busy. I'm taking Hunter's Education right now with Kyler and Madison. We have 2 more nights of class and then a field day. It's made for a really loooooonnnnngggg weeeeeeeek. Almost over, but it hasn't seemed like Spring Break. I'm glad the kids are doing it this week with no school rather than a week they have to deal with school too. We've had some pretty late nights. Riley's trying to type for me. Random letters here and there. He's having a tough day because his dad declared the rest of the day video game free. Serious sign of problems already starting. And late nights.

I'm angry with Wells Fargo right now. I used to pay my truck bill online and then last June they changed their websites and the one I went to told me I could no longer pay online if I didn't have a Wells Fargo account. Sucked big, but whatever. So checks it was. Well, about 2 months ago I didn't get a statement. I thought maybe someone else had gotten the mail that day and I just didn't see it so I called and made my payment ($10 service charge thank you). Last month, didn't get my statement. Hmmm. Fluke again? Didn't realize until bill was basically due so another $10 service charge. Didn't receive it by the 21st this month so I started watching REALLY closely. Nope, still not here today so I finally called (yes I should have 2 months ago, but I forget things and I really did think someone else had gotten it and misplaced it. It's not like it's an open line of credit...). Nope, current address was not 712 Victor Ave, did we have a different address? Apparently you have to call and verbally change your address. Guess I didn't. Mine was temporarily changed because of Postal Service forward information and when I didn't call their system more or less expunged all of that data after what, a year and a half? Nice. Even though I've been mailing everything from 712, with that address on my checks... Whatever. Okay, not whatever, I was mad. Probably wasn't terribly polite to the guy on the other end. He kept telling me that when you have a foreign address...foreign? How can my address be foreign again? Last time I checked Idaho was still part of the United States. Seriously, twice I responded rather baffled to his use of the word foreign. Then he decided to enunciate better and got out forward. Oh, and did I mention that the first time I finally got connected to a live person through their seriously twisty turny menus he put me on hold which shuffled me back to the very first menu you get when you call. Okay, so by the time I got to the second guy I was already huffy. Guess the good thing is my address is now officially changed and he told me they have a new site that I can pay my bill online through so life is better, if still not a little big irritating. Bill is paid and I'm happy-ish.

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  1. You didn't lose me Kimm. I am still here, watching every move. I know where you sleep and I know where you keep your stash of candy. Watch your back.