Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hunter's Education

So, since I officially passed Hunter Ed does that make me a hunter? Okay, technically I don't have a hunting license yet, but I can, legally, have one. As much as I've fought it, and when it comes down to it my reasons were completely valid, I finally succumbed and completed Hunter Ed. What does that mean? Well, that means I've done as my work supervisor strongly recommended I do, what my husband has been begging me to do, and what Kyler and Madison are happy I did with them. There was some serious stress. You can take the class at 9 in Idaho, but there was admittedly a point that I didn't know if a 9 year old could pass it. Or a 10 year old for that matter. We got down to our last day I remembered that I'd taken a practice test online once so I found it and took it. It wasn't exactly easy. You really had to have read the book to get them. So I called Shawn and had him make Kyler take it, and I called Madi and had her take it. And then they got to take it again. They both got somewhere in the 60% range. You have to get 80% to pass. Kyler did better the second time with his dad helping him, but I still had some seriously nervous kids before class. Madi was convinced that she was going to fail. Review, review, review, brake, review some more, test time. Finally. Okay, so to toot my own horn, I was the first one done. 60 questions, took me maybe 8 min to do. But hey, good short term memory for testing and I have worked there for almost 9 years. Give me a little credit. So, I missed one. Yeah, yeah, I've worked there almost 9 years, I shouldn't have missed one but I'm blaming it on the question. :) Kyler missed 7 which gave him and 88% and Madison missed 10 which gave her an 83%. WE ALL PASSED. Still had the field day, but we passed that too with flying colors. They really don't try to make it extremely difficult to do. And I hit inside the target all 20 shots with my bad eye! Oh, and the real kicker? That online test? It was soooo much harder than the real thing, but I guarantee those kids know their crap now.

So in all a good day. Long week, but good day. Proud of my kids. They did well. And the final result? My darling husband is telling me about all these hunts I get to do now and all this money is going to spend putting in on controlled hunts for me. Yeah, it didn't take him more than 30 seconds after I told him that I was taking Hunter Ed before he started daydreaming about my killing a cow elk. Yup. I knew this would be the case, why do you think I've put it off for so long? Ok, I'll go with him a few times, but I still stand by the fact that I've been putting in my time while he's been hunting all these years so that someday (sooner than later) I can pack them all out the door and stay home by myself while they hunt. That's my goal. :)


  1. Nice job Kimm!! Oh and Kyler and Madi! Even though the class and test didn't sound fun it did sound like having Kyler and Madi around may have helped keep the motivation. Happy hunting, or not hunting which even you decide.

  2. Nice work. I was seriously worried about you passing though. I've been holding my breath in fact. :) JK I was a little worried about the kids too but they did AWESOME!!! That is MY niece and nephew! Proud aunt.