Thursday, March 11, 2010

The real title should be...

Okay, so the real title of this blog should be The Life and Sayings of Riley. Tonight I got to meet Shawn for dinner with a client. Brett said he would watch Riley for me since the other boys were staying the night at Brian's house (Brian volunteered to take Riley too, but I'm not ready). I had a nice dinner with Shawn and his client (it was his birthday - and yes, I paid for my own dinner) and went to pick Riley up. Joan had been working in the garage and had no idea that Riley was even there. She came out when I pulled up and she was naturally curious why I'd come back (I'd picked up Madi & Brodi for wrestling 2 hours earlier) and I told her I was there to get my boy. She was confused and told me she didn't have any boys. :) Well, we had a nice chat but Riley didn't want to put his shoes on to go home. He wanted me to carry him so I said I would (easier for me too). We got to the car when the overwhelming urge to burp came over me & I did and then I said excuse me. Riley, thinking it was funny, pointed out that I'd just burped. Within seconds, he was plugging his nose though and in a very offended voice said, "What did you eat?!" I asked him why, trying very hard not to laugh, and he said, "You burped in my face!" It was hilarious. Seriously funny. I'm still laughing!

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  1. Hahaha, I think that you outta write a book about this kid. he is hilarious!

    I found a site you might like. Its all about Jane Austen and people like you who like to blog/talk/sleep/dream/live Jane Austen. :) hehe.

    Just copy, paste, and enjoy. See you Wednesday. What times the party at?