Friday, January 29, 2010

Goal Characteristics #1 - Yours

Okay, so the first characteristic of a goal that this article lists is to make it YOURS. I have to own the goal. "To be effective, it has to reflect your true desire - not your husband's, mother's, or best friend's." So I'm going to make sure my goal of losing 50 lbs is truly mine. Again, why am I losing the weight? Because I carry my weight in my belly. That's probably numero uno. Women who carry their weight in the middle sections have a higher rate of heart disease. I am in my 30's (as much as I like to claim otherwise) and I'm obviously not getting any younger. I am not ready to leave my family behind if it's because of something I can control/change. I also HATE how I look in pictures. I hate it. I could be very happy never to have another picture taken of me at this size, but that's not a very realistic desire. I have found that I also don't want to end up with no pictures of me and my kids/husband which is about where we're at. I avoid the camera like the plague. I want my kids to have those videos/pictures to sit and look at longingly when I am not here, just like in the movies. You know the ones. The candid but ever so charming photo of the couple smiling big and obviously enjoying their outdoor-BBQ-fishing adventure-mountain climbing-fancy dress-windy day blowing the hair just right experience. I want that. :) I also hate not having any clothes that feel like they fit. I don't want to buy a larger size. I don't want to get into the plus size clothes. I'm not there (barely or maybe I should be there and I just keep squishing into my too small clothes) yet and I don't want to get there. No bigger sizes. Smaller. Only Smaller. So this is MY goal. Shawn didn't suggest it. My mother didn't push me (well maybe the fact that she's giving me all the clothes that are too big for her might have helped encourage me). I didn't have a best friend chanting in my ear that she's doing this so I should do it with her. I decided I was tired of being fat. I have no energy. I can't do the outdoorsy stuff with my family without getting seriously winded. This is for ME, not anyone else. If I don't succeed, I am only failing myself. I'm tired of failing myself.

Oh, for those that haven't heard (most everybody), Riley opened the chicken run to get eggs and then didn't lock it back up. I let Tig out to of his kennel (he won't stay in the yard so he gets locked up for most of the day) to get some exercise. Tig was out for probably an hour before he realized the door to the chickens wasn't really an obstacle. I asked Kyler to check on Tig to make sure he was in the yard and he alerted me, with a healthy dose of panic, that Tig was chasing a chicken up on the patio. Sure enough. Red (probably the favorite and boy does she lay HUGE eggs) was just barely evading the snapping canines coming at her. Well, she didn't really escape. She lost a lot of feathers, but actually only had one spot of any real damage and it was pretty minor and on the very edge of one wing. I was finally able to get Tig by his collar and kennel him and Rocky back up. Kyler and I then embarked on a chicken hunt. It took me a bit to get a hold of a very harassed Rhode Island Red and when I carried her back to safety, one of the Leghorn's was walking calmly back into the Chicken run. The other Leghorn (the white ones) was cowering in a back corner. She didn't fare as well as Red. She had a few bleeding puncture wounds on the top of her head. We weren't sure she was going to make it. So, we were only missing one chicken now. Kyler and I started to search the yard. I was expecting to find a dead chicken. I finally found the Sex-link (yes, that's really it's type) unharmed at the big gate by our woodpile. This was 2 days ago and so far they are all still alive and at least 3 of them are still laying eggs. 2 brown and 1 white each day. Oh, and our chicken's names are Tweedle, Dee, Dumb, and Dumber if you didn't know. You can't tell Dee and Dumb apart because their both white Leghorn's, but does it really matter? I crack up every time I say their names. :) Tweedle is the Rhode Island Red and Dumber is the Sex-link. Tweedle is the feistiest and Dumber is the bravest.

Boy, my post are just so dang long. Hope you like reading.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

am i really posting from my phone? did it work?

Can it really be Thursday?

Okay, so seriously questioning my commitment. Which, is actually good because it's making me evaluate how my progress has been so far. I want to do this. I really, really do! So I found the best article in Good Housekeeping (I'm sooooo glad my mom never changed the address) about weight loss and it referenced a free online group called I haven't checked it out yet. So I'm going to explore each of the 6 characteristics of a goal according to the article. I'm going to take one a day and really look at it and evaluate it for me. You're welcome to do the same for yourself. There are also motivation secrets (3), nutrition secrets (6) and exercise secrets (3). Prevention magazine also has a Flat Belly diet that I am interested in looking at, but I don't know that that's the way I want to go. It pushes Monounsaturated fats like those found in nuts and avocados. I'm not an avocado fan and I don't like a lot of nuts either, but I'll look at what it's about. It was interesting. That article I found on MSN. Try it and see.

Didn't run last night. I think I've run once all week. I'd really like to run tonight. I think I need to. I can't deal with all the little voices in my head right this minute. Maybe running would help with that. Of course, bedtime would help with that as well...

Bayden and Noemi did their 1st grade program today at school. They did a good job. We were treated to 12 songs, one song for each month. These are definitely top 10 material. Things like Fly, Fly Witchy Witchy Fly; Hip Hop Bunny; All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth (Bayden was the epitome of this song); And of course the crowning jewel, Days of the months with added action that you may all remember from "The Macarena." Good times, good times. (Really? They can't go to bed yet? So what if it's only 6:39. I'm ready.) Poor Noemi was literally squashed between two other kids. She was generously using her elbows to make room, but honestly it was only in defence because the other kid started it. She did a fabulous job and looked great in her pale green and black dress. Bayden had plenty of room on the end of the risers so he should have been the star of the show. I'm afraid there was a definite lack of enthusiasm for the whole singing thing. About all I've heard for 2 weeks is how sick of practicing he is. But he still did a good job and he tried to get into all of the songs with actions. Trent promised me pictures so hopefully I'll be able to post something. They were too far away and the room was too dark for my camera to do them justice. Of course, there's no one quite like Trent to get my darling boy to make faces and stick his finger up his nose in front of a large crowd all for the sake of a picture. Thanks Trent!

Okay. So going to finish out my night. Need to get kids to bed (only 1 hour left), enter my vehicle reports for work (I did take Tuesday off after all) and run for at least an hour. Okay, so maybe I'll run for half an hour and walk briskly for the other half. Still, need to put in an hour. Oh! I also weighed myself the other day and was so excited about the 7 lbs I'd lost. Giddy might be a good word for it. :) And then, I went ahead and weighed myself again, this time not using the door knob for balance (and maybe to hold some of the weight). I put 6 lbs back on once I let go. Sigh. Oh well. It was a good feeling to work towards.

Monday, January 25, 2010


So I ran tonight. Did my 30 minute program and I'm glad I got that much in. Soooooo did not want to do it. I really wanted to go sit in that little quiet room by my little quiet self with my not so quiet stomach, but I ran instead. My stomach. A little upset about that, but we still did it, my stomach and I. Food wise, not great but not horrible. Didn't gorge on ice cream or chocolate or even sugar of any kind. I didn't have my breakfast burrito so I had an orange and a yogurt and almost an entire can of Pringles (Sour Cream and Onion so almost a vegetable right?). But still not tons of sugar and not tons of fatty stuff. So ok. I'll take ok.

Boys got their report cards and they're doing well in school. Also got their last H1N1 shots tonight and they bucked it up. Riley screamed for a minute but Kyler and Bayden insisted they didn't even feel it when they finally got it. They got more worked up about it than obviously necessary, but they still did it with no real tears.

And that's about it. Working from home tomorrow so maybe I can fit in an extra run. We'll be optimistic that it happens. And Angie, you're my rock!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Long (enough) break

Okay, so obviously I fell off the wagon and reacted to the guilt by not holding myself accountable for it. But, just because you fall off the wagon and onto a heaping pile of dung, doesn't mean you have to wallow in it. So, I've picked myself up, taken a nice, long hot shower and I'm just going to keep going. I haven't run on my treadmill since, I think Saturday, but maybe I did on Monday, I can't remember now. I haven't been on here since I stopped running. Pretty pathetic really, one week, and I didn't really do very well that week, and I have to basically start over. Then again, that horrible "before" picture is getting me going again. Ugh. I'm printing it and putting it up in front of my treadmill.

So, recommitting (and I'll do this as many times as it takes. Hopefully this one sticks, but if not, then one of them has to) to my healthy lifestyle. Tomorrow could be really easy. Or it could be really hard. Our bishop has asked that we do a special fast for the entire month of January for the Missionaries. No, we don't have to all go the entire month, but at least one family is supposed to take a day of the month and fast. Well, tomorrow is our day. So, I'm going to be hungry, but that's going to be okay. Guess it's a good way to start off my fresh start right?

Onward and forward. I will lose this weight before it kills me. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 Day report

So I'm going to tackle yesterday and today in one shot.

Yesterday I walked for 3 miles. Still didn't run, but I did walk longer. Oh, and increased the incline to a daring 0.5. Yes, yes, I know. I am ever the adventurous one. :) Not so great on the food though. Actually, since I don't believe I got up until 11 (yes that would be correct, no your eyes aren't lying, I didn't get up out of bed until 11 am) I didn't really have breakfast calories to worry about. I snacked on salami, cheese and crackers, though this time I did a double serving. I also FAILED miserably with the ice cream. Intended to eat just a bit, but I ended up eating the entire 2 cups. Smith's had a sale on their individual sizes and my fat brain thought that would be a great idea! What? 10 for $10? How could I go wrong on that one??? Ha. And I told my husband I needed a candy bar because I really, really wanted he brought me a box of mint chocolate chip sandwich bars. Yes, he loves me...plump. Really, that was awesome of him because he didn't want to. Felt it was ruining my diet and did it because he knew I was upset when he told me so. Oh, had shell pasta w/sauce for lunch and almost had a pork roast, shredded and mixed in white rice for dinner, but after I served the boys portions and before I could serve ours, our dear, dear Casey dog decided to plant her large doggy paws on my cupboard drawers and help herself to the entire bowl on the counter. Ok, so she didn't actually eat it all. I heard her and she got booted O-U-T. Shawn made me relent and let her sleep inside. She spent most of today outside as well. So Shawn got a DiGiorno pizza and I had 1/4 or 1 of Shawn's slices or 2 of mine, however you want to go with it. But I walked. Yep, I walked so it wasn't a total bust. It just wasn't my best day.

Today, Sunday. Church is at one so we definitely get lunch first. Today, I only slept until 10 am rather than 11 am (I am so just trying to catch up on 11 years of beauty sleep and my kids can finally feed themselves enough to get a start on it). I got up and showered and made french toast with our wonderfully-fresh-yesterday-afternoon eggs. I do love our chickens. Oh, side note, they eat all the time. They come running to the door of their coop (ehh, dog run) whenever a person comes out, but you can tell a difference between just hoping you have a snack for them and their feeder/water is out. It's kind of funny. They're like ravenous velociraptors (that's what Shawn called them today. Said they were pecking at his legs the entire time he was in there getting eggs. you'd think they don't ever get fed, though really they get food - a lot of food - every other day). Tig got in yesterday when I was getting the eggs & put the chickens on point. It was funny/scary. He didn't actually go after them, but that might have had more to do with the fact that the dang things crammed themselves into a corner by me. Casey would have had one in her mouth or at least sent them flying everywhere. Wow. Seriously long side story. Anyway, along with the french toast, I had 2 sausage links, 1 egg, & about 1/2 cup hash browns. Dinner was probably more than I needed as well. I had 2 grilled cheese & ham sandwiches and 1 cup of beef and barley soup. We'll see if I can control the sweet intake tonight because the days not over yet and I plan on folding clothes while watching a movie so...Guess my hands will be busy folding clothes. That seems to help. Oh, no walking today on the treadmill, but I get to count the constant walking I did during Primary. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 5

I feel okay about Day 5. Not fabulous, but ok. I weighed myself and was down 2.6 lbs. I had most of my breakfast burrito, a 12 oz Coke and then some left over salad from Food for Thought. For dinner, I made flavored potatoes (green onion, sour cream, cheese, potato skins), a moderate portion of steak, and sauteed mushrooms. I took one bite of the buttered roll. I did GOOD...and then I finished off the part I hadn't eaten with additional potatoes after my run and soak. Oh, forgot to list my snack of salami, cheese and crackers and the ice cream. But I can feel good because I was sensible about it. I decided to try the lite dry cut salami and I did the 5 piece recommended serving size and then used one slice of Pepper Jack Cheese and 10 crackers (cut the salami in half). Normally I would use regular salami (the lite was pork and turkey rather than just pork. Couldn't tell) and I would eat as much as I wanted. It was enough. I also ate the ice cream slowly and instead of eating a lot, I ate just a little bit, not even half a cup. It was okay. I may not succeed every time, but this time I did and I felt good about it.

I didn't walk the entire 2 miles this time. I did make 1.68 miles. A tad disappointed in myself, but my legs ached. Not again.

I have found myself being a lot more consciencious about how much I'm eating of any given thing. As long as I can continue to be this aware, I stand a good chance of keeping it up.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 4 and yet more to use as an excuse

Yeah, and I had McDonald's this morning again. I also got a small Coke (but I only drank 1/3 of it-yahy kimm!). Oh what a morning. It started at 4 am. Ok, so Shawn, Riley and I didn't actually get to bed until 12:30 last night (Riley's schedule is sooooo screwed up) so 4 came really early. Shawn has been experiencing pain lately in his right side and we've been assuming it might just be a kidney stone. Well, it was so bad this morning (been there with that one) that he couldn't sleep. It woke me up, but of course that is because I am such a devoted and caring wife, and we discussed whether he should go into the ER or wait for Dr. Gregson's office to be open. He was in a lot of pain, it was 4 in the morning and 9 wasn't coming any too soon, so Shawn got dressed and headed to the ER. Of course, being that I'm the devoted wife, I couldn't get back to sleep very easily. The last time I looked at the clock was 5:28. Shawn finally got some real information at 6:30 and he sent me a text to let me know that he wasn't going to find anything out until he could get an ultrasound at 7:30 (when they started work). Well, they actually had determined that it was his Gall Bladder and that he may be headed into surgery, but that was it. Nice, real information huh? Poor man just had to lay there in pain for that long just to find out he had to wait longer. I gave up even trying to sleep when my alarm went off at 6:50. But, on the bright side, my kids were seriously on time/early for school today. :)

As it turned out, I left the house with Riley in a rather big hurry to take him to his grandparents (Thank you again Joan and Brett) and didn't pack a thing to eat so I headed to McDonald's. I really don't care for much of anything on their menu (chicken nuggets aren't bad) but I do love their breakfast sandwiches. So, I stopped to get something and just after I ordered found out Shawn was headed home because it wasn't apparently surgery worthy today as it is just a thickening of his Gall Bladder wall that is causing him such intense pain. He really hurts. :( So, late to work, but made it anyway. Really pretty sore all over from my fall yesterday. My right bicep really hurts and I don't even remember hitting my right arm. But, I just walked my 2 miles at 2.5 mph. I didn't want to. I looked at the time when I was only at 17 min and I was ready to be done. My heels hurt, my legs hurt, my arms hurt. Thank you Kristen for suggesting that I read a book if I'm walking on the treadmill cause that's the only thing that kept me going today, oh and the fact that I just didn't want to quit on myself. I made it. 48 minutes later I made it.

Food log: Feeling snacky. My McDonald's is listed above. Nothing additional to that. I had 3 bites of pork chops cubed at work before I had a paper plate full of one of the best Cobb salads ever from Food For Thought. I don't want to say full like I normally have my salad plate full, but there was plenty there. I also have eaten an apple today. I had a sensible size of pork chops and about 1/2 cup rice (with the sauce) for dinner. Not enough water today. I ate 3 whoppers balls from the pooping moose Shawn brought home. He suggested that I take it to work, but I told him no. Too big of a temptation because I'd have to keep stuff to fill it with. I had one miniature mint and cream Hershey's bar, the one's that come in the variety bags. I ate a little less than half a bag of microwave popcorn. Not light, but I could have eaten all of it. I think I'm going to piece at an orange to try to stave off the snacking. Oh, I also had two of the smaller cans of V8 at work that I forgot about. I bought those instead of the 20 pack of Coke I wanted to buy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3 and the fall...

Okay, so today was interesting. A lot. I got up and got ready for work. As I stood in front of my freezer I found myself facing a dilemma. I didn't want my breakfast burrito. Not even a little bit. What I wanted was a breakfast sandwich from McDonald's. Call it a failure if you will, but I decided I was going to do it. I don't want to fail and find myself binging and so I guess I justified it. I looked up the calories of a Sausage McMuffin (370 calories) and said, "if I eat that sandwich I can't have anything else until I have a snack and then I really need to go light until lunch." I was okay with that. Then of course I had to get a coke. But! All a la carte drinks at McDonald's are $1 and I still got the small. It was hard. I read in an article (apparently I read a lot of them, or I at least will make you think so) that only in America can you pay less for more. It made sense. I really had a hard time paying the same price for a small drink as a large or xl drink. But I did it because I didn't need more (okay, I didn't need that either but it's called weaning).

Ok, so I make stories long. I got to work, I was carrying my precious cargo into the office, sandwich bag in one hand, coke in the other and next thing I know I'm doing pirouettes, spinning in circles trying to catch onto either my car or the one next to it and I'm no longer on my feet. Heck, for all I know I've just done an amazing flip in the air and an equally amazing landing on the ever so practical left knee (right on the knee cap) and left elbow. Actually, my arm kind of hurts all the way to my left palm where the scratches can actually be found. It was like walking on glass in socks. I remember laying on the ground thinking about the fact that I'd just crushed my precious coke. I looked up a little and found it lying on it's side. I quickly righted it before I could lose any more of it's precious nectar and decided I needed to sit up at the very least as I'd seen a co-worker parking his truck in the lower lot and didn't really want him to find me lying on the ground. Oh, I have to admit that I'm pretty sure I said two very bad words. Sorry. It hurt A LOT! I didn't cry though. In fact, when Jim came up the steps I was in control enough to say, "Hi Jim." He made his way to me, asked if I was ok and then collected all my crap (purse, wallet that had fallen out of my purse, keys, McDonald's bag and cup) and took it into the office, but not before he asked if he could help me up. I told him thank you and no, I thought I'd sit there for a few minutes more. I then here Crystal click-clacking her way out to find me sitting in the parking lot. I managed to get to my feet (I can't remember if Crystal helped me or not now) and Crystal was kind enough to brush the coke out of my hair. Oh, I did forget to mention the blood that was welling up out of my knee and onto my pants. It was fun hobbling into the office with my pant leg up above my knee until I could get a band aid on.

So. I did not run tonight. I did however walk instead. I walked at a leisurely 2.5 mph, but I did it for 2 miles (50 minutes). I'm going to count that as a success.

Now for the food. I'm no longer on a diet. I am instead just simply attempting to change my eating habits to be healthier while adding exercise. Okay, so it's not actually simple. What I realized today though was that I can't starve myself and some of my support doesn't think I'm actually dieting unless I am. So, as a nutrition teacher once told me (yes, I actually took a nutrition class for credit my Freshman year of college), diets suck. It actually has the word "die" in it so it can't be that good. Instead I'm going to Liveit. I can't really remember what she called it instead. :) I am still deadly serious about this. I want to change my lifestyle. I didn't put the weight on in 3 months and I'm not looking to take it off in 3 months. I want to change my habits at the very core. I want to eat the good things in life, but I want to eat sensible and healthy portions. I don't want to feel like I'm starving every day. I don't want to think about food constantly. It took me 5 years to put on this last 20 lbs. I will lose 50 in a year. I will lose it by eating smaller portions and trying very hard to eat healthier foods and make healthier choices. If you've never checked it out, I love Eat This, Not That. They have a wonderful news letter that I get in my email. I will exercise which is such a foreign concept for me. I will do it daily. I will go hiking with my husband this summer. And I won't cry half way there like I did the last time we went (and I think I only weighed about 140 then, but I was still out of shape).

So, I'm really sorry if I've disappointed anyone, but as much as I appreciate the support, this is for me and I need to do something I can actually accomplish. If I make my goals unreasonable I won't do anything but disappoint myself. So...Here I go. Today I had my breakfast sandwich, an orange, a 16 oz coke (too much still) and not enough water (bad Kimm). I ate half my half can of soup, some of my salad with chicken on it. I ate an orange when I got home. I've had no chocolate today (good Kimm). I did sneak about 6 or so sauteed mushrooms that I was using in my pork chops and rice dinner I was cooking for the boys. I then used a small roll plate and gave myself a sensible amount of the pork chops and rice. Oh, I read that if you use smaller plates you trick your mind into eating less because your plate looks fuller. I'm going to eat an apple. Oh, I also had a strawberry yogurt because I was craving something sweet. By the time I hit dinner I was really hungry but I made it until dinner. I wasn't sensible by not eating all my lunch but today was not a salad day. I wasn't loving my salad. Oh, and I didn't like the soup. Yuck. New brand from Winco, Chicken Tortilla. Probably good, I just didn't like it. I also made my pork chops and rice with water instead of milk (1 can cream of chicken soup, one can golden cream of mushroom soup). So overall, I actually don't feel too bad about today. Not the best but not bad. Now I get to go weigh myself. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 2 a Bust

So today not so much. I can't really say it's a total bust because as far as dieting goes I'm living up to the diet part. No food log today because I haven't had much food. I did eat 3/4 of my breakfast burrito and a thing of yogurt. I also binged on a hot chocolate this morning. 16 oz was the smallest and I drank about 2/3 of it. I had 3 sips of coke. All before 10:30 am at which time I left work because I didn't feel good at all. No, it actually had nothing to do with my breakfast, I think I just have some kind of bug. It hit me fast. I was actually feeling fine this morning, a bit hungry because I didn't eat enough last night, but fine. Then, I just started gradually feeling lousy and my stomache started to really hurt until I thought I was going to throw up so I left work sick. Haven't thrown up yet and hope I don't. I slept from the time I got home until kids came home at 3 and I don't feel like throwing up anymore, but I'm not sure about the rest. I'm hungry but I'm not if that makes sense. I've tried a few vegetables and I'll try the rice I'm making for dinner, but nothing sounds very good to me.

I'm not running tonight. That's why it's a bust. In fact I don't feel like doing much of anything. I just want to lay down. Not feverish though. Oh, on the plus side, I did run on the treadmill last night. I decided that I needed to do it if I was serious about this regardless of how tired I was. So I ran. 30 minutes on the weight loss program 1 on my treadmill. This program changes speeds and incline by the minute. There is a 2 min warmup going from 2.5 to 3 mph. Then I start in 3 min to 1 min cycles. I briskly walk 3 min at 3.5 mph with the incline going from 3 to 6 degrees (%?) for each minute and then it goes to a 0 incline and increases to 4 mph ( a jog for me) for one minute and then back to inclining for the next 3 minutes. We go through this 3 min at 3.5 mph and 1 min at 4 mph cycle for 24 min. The other 6 are warm up and cool down times. So I was proud of my one day. Now I just need to conquer the next 364.

Thank you again for your support. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have hints, tips and suggestions. It's been wonderful. Thank you.

Monday, January 11, 2010

End of Day 1

So I can finish my first day as almost a complete success. Shawn thinks my "diet" isn't a real diet because I haven't denied myself everything good and wonderful in life. I informed him that I wasn't trying to starve myself and lose 30 lbs in 3 weeks, I was trying to make a lifestyle change and lose it a little more gradually. Oh, and I'm totally addicted to food. I'm an addict. I spent 2 hours watching a show on the tv and all I could think about was food. What I'd like to eat, what would taste good, how I'd love an entire carton of ice cream...And that's with me NOT denying myself much of anything. It's amazing I remember anything about the show.

I did forget to mention the 12 oz can of Coke I had (I think? I don't want to go back and look) but I did drink 24 oz of water to go along with it. The Coke was a deal breaker for Shawn. :) Oh well, it kept me sane and in control at work. I wanted to munch and snack so bad. What else do you do when you are sitting in front of a computer for 5 hours?

I really do have some mind hurdles to get over though. I wasn't hungry at all during work. I was satisfied. I am hungry right now, but I think part of that is all the food thoughts. For dinner I had 1/2 can of soup and a salad with ranch and italian dressing. I also had 2 squares of the most delicious milk chocolate and rice crispy crunch (Gihradelis - sp?) there is (its'a new kind of bar they have out) and each square was 50 calories. I thought I should eat only one, wanted to eat all 8 of them and settled on 2. So a triumph of sorts. Actually the fact that even though I was fantasizing about food during the entire show and I didn't get up and get any of it was a good thing for me too. I really wanted popcorn. BAD.

Exercise. Hmmm...I told myself I was going to run at 9 and I really need to do it even though I still have to get Riley down, would love to just lay down and sleep for 2 days solid, and am trying to justify the brisk walk I took around the park with Casey earlier as a complete substitute. Hmm. May just have to report on my success with this challenge tomorrow.

Official day 1

Didn't sit down and plan my day out last night so I'm going to have to do that today, but I started anyway. I made my lunch last night before going to bed and that made a world of difference. So, my food journal so far reads:
Breakfast burrito (homemade - eggs, mushrooms, bacon pieces & cheese); strawberry yogurt; orange (my midmorning snack); salad (w/some grilled chicken chunks, corn salsa (homemade - corn, tomatoes, cilantro and onion); celery & green peppers (dipped in ranch that was also used for salad); 1/2 bagle turkey and ham sandwich (cut whole bagle in half - 2 slices turkey, 1 slice ham, chive and onion cream cheese ( as little as possible) on both top and bottom, alfalfa sprouts). I forgot that I was going to do either a half sandwich or a small bowl of soup (1/2 can or about 1 cup) and I brought both. I left the soup for tomorrow instead. I also took one apple (sliced) for my afternoon snack, but I wasn't ready for it so I am going to have it around 3:30 or 4. Still have to do dinner and then make it to bed, but it's been a good start.

Ok, so I still have to fit my treadmill exercise in. I'm thinking around 9 pm because all boys should be down. I will weigh myself at 10 pm every night. I know that morning would be better, but I just don't have time right now to get downstairs (where the scale is hidden from Riley) and weigh myself before getting boys to school. Night time it is. I did take Casey over to the park with all the kids and walked one lap around (briskly mind you) while the kids played. Wrong dog to take if I want to do more. She has the spirit but her body isn't up to it. Started a second lap but we had to come home because she was barely walking. I'm glad we made it home actually.

I will post the rest of my day at the end of the day hopefully. So far I feel good about today.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowshoeing with the family


Riley, Kimm, Kyler, Bayden & Tig

At the bottom of the hill. Only way to go was up.


This was my first time snoeshowing and it was fun.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Almost There

So still didn't go full out today, but I did eat breakfast and it made a world of difference. I wasn't hungry until lunch time. Too bad I didn't pack a lunch. :) Also took a break to walk up and down the stairs at work a couple of times. Pretty pathetic how winded I got just going down and up twice. I did drink twice as much water as I did soda and I only had one 12 oz soda. Little steps.

We're doing a sleepover tonight with Madison and Broderic. My boys have been waiting all day long. Have I mentioned how tired I am? Guess it's a good thing they aren't a problem and right at home here. :) Also a good thing their old enough to get their own breakfast. I am not getting up early tomorrow.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Planning

Okay, so to stay true to keeping track, I am doing an entry tonight even though I haven't technically started my big diet plan yet. I am starting in earnest on Monday. Instead of just jumping in and trusting to my unwavering will power (hahahaha) like I normally do and then feeling like a failure come Friday when I didn't even last one day, I am taking the time to actually plan. There are some things I need to get done so that I can start right. I need to sit down and make some serious meal plans. I need to shop for those meal plans. Last night I made my two weeks worth of breakfast burritos. I need to actually buy a scale. 11 years of marriage and we don't own a scale. Huh. Then I need to hide said scale under my bathroom sink in my downstairs bathroom so my darling Riley won't abscond with it, or jump on it, or submerge it in the bathwater. I need to find my tape measure and then find a more secure place to hide it so my precious Riley won't find it. Honestly, it's a wonder I'm not thinner with Riley around.

But, to prove to myself I'm actually serious about this, I did limit myself to one 12oz can of Coke today. I really wanted a second. I was sooooo tired. I also drank a 24 oz bottle of water (reusable so I'm being earth friendly). I also tried not to snack the entire time I was at work, but I broke one of the major rules in not doing breakfast this morning. I do notice that if I skip breakfast I can't stop snacking where if I eat breakfast I don't feel the need to as much.

I read something today about how many times an overweight person chews their food compared to a moderate weight person and a thin person. Did you know that an overweight person chews their food about 11 times before swallowing? The moderate weight person is closer to 12 times and the thin person chews 14 times. That reminded me of another article I read that the longer you chew your food the more time your body has to feel full. Yup, I chew closer to the 11 times than the 14 times. I'm shooting for the 14 times. Actually, I'm hoping if I can chew about 18 times when I remind myself I'll eventually chew 14 times out of habit when I'm not reminding myself. Hahaha. Does anyone else remember learning/hearing that in the military you are taught to chew your food 30 times before swallowing. I remember that from some movie or something. I also remember trying to chew my food 30 times and I could never make it. It seemed ridiculous. Still can't hit 30 but I'll try for closer to 20.

Haven't gotten on the treadmill yet. Trying to figure out the best way to do it. If I do it when Riley is awake he wants to play. If I wait for him to sleep I'm running at 11 at night right now. I love my Riley. Ok. So there's my first report. Feel free to remind me if I miss a day or two. It's all about accountability. Thank you all for your support too. It means a lot.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here is my resolution. Click on it and you can see it larger. page 2

Diet: The beginning

So I have decided to use this as my journal of sorts to help me stick to my brand new weight loss goal. I am going to lose 50+ lbs in a year. One year. My reward? I get to take $1000 of our tax return next February and buy an entirely new wardrobe. Because I need the support of friends and family, I am going to keep myself accountable by keeping a record on this blog. So, in between kids pics and family updates I am going to be sharing my frustrations, tactics and other ups and downs as I try to lose weight. No, I am not trying to get back to my high school weight. It wouldn't be a healthy weight for me at this point. My goal is to weigh between 145 and 155 lbs. I am at my biggest I have ever been and I'm tired of feeling fat, looking overweight in pictures and fitting my clothes a lot too well. I am also not trying to just lose weight quickly. My goal is to lose the weight but to be able to keep it off by changing my lifestyle over the next year so once it is off I can keep it off. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers because my Heavenly Father is going to be a big part of this.

Oh, and check out the fish at the bottom! If you click on your mouse you can feed them and they will follow you around.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Concert in the Pines part 2

This is the second part of the concert. Watch the first part before beginning this masterpiece.
This was a concert that was in the works as of yesterday. I'll post the second part as soon as I see if this works. I am treated to these very special shows more frequently since they can't jump on the trampoline all afternoon. It's kind of nice. I just need to keep my camera battery charged.
Riley is his own personal fashion advisor. I'm not taking credit for this one.
So We're joining the 21st Century (finally) and getting a blog. Hmmm. Not sure why though. We have a miriad of sites to keep up to date with people (, facebook, plaxo, 7 or 8 email addresses) and we don't really use them to update anything about ourselves as it is so this could be an experiment in futility as well. Guess we'll see.

So, basically we live in Pocatello, Idaho. Shawn was raised here and his parents still live here. Kimm was not raised here but has lived here for the last 13 years so I guess I must like it. Actually, we both really like it. We love the access to all the outdoor stuff. We also like the size and location. Close enough to Salt Lake to visit.

Kyler turned 9 in August. He was 4'11" in October and weighed 89lbs. He's huge. He's a very good reader but the only thing that seems to motivate him to read at home is that he can't play his Nintendo DS unless he's done his reading. Apparently I can't get him to read at home and his teacher can't get him to stop reading at school. We made the decision when he was 5 to hold him back from starting school until the next year. We decided we'd rather have him as one of the oldest in his class than the youngest. We haven't been disappointed with this choice yet, though it wasn't an easy choice to make. Kyler is in the 3rd grade.

Bayden is halfway to 8. His birthday is in June. It's a big one this year. He can't wait to get baptised. He was disappointed he has to wait until July. Bayden is in the 1st grade this year. Just like with Kyler, we decided that we would rather have him as one of the oldest rather than graduating at 17. He's a big kid as well, we just haven't measured him lately. Time for a doctor's visit I guess. When you look at him next to Kyler, he doesn't seem so big, but then Kyler is 2 years older. When you look at him next to some of his classmates, you realize he really is a big kid as well. Wonder just how tall they're going to get. They could stop growing at 5'9" but I just don't think that will happen. Time will tell. Bayden is picking up on the reading thing and doing well with his math. He enjoys school a lot and has no issues with playing with girls. Apparently he hangs out with his cousin Noemi at recess. All the little girls at church make sure to say hi and bye to him weekly. Every time we go to a school function he has quite a few little girls that say "Bye Bayden." Guess when you're not afraid to play with them they like you...

Riley is a very active 4 year old. He'll be 5 in March. He will start Kindergarten next year. He's really excited. We're really excited. He's VERY inquisitive. Everything that has batteries is examined minutely. He just got a Ben 10 watch and within 20 minutes he'd taken the back off to see how many batteries it had and where they were located. He got batteries for Christmas and it was one of his favorite gifts. He's already used half of them. He loves to clean though his room is never clean. He loves to wash dishes and windows. Tonight he has cousins visiting so their mom can do a birthday date and we were getting them set up in the playroom to watch a movie. He informed me that we needed to make a bed with pillows & ran to his room to get them. He then told me, "mom, I'm a genius about the pillows huh." That's my boy. He loves animals, but he can be mean to them too. He figured out how to turn his computer games on without help at 2 and uses the mouse like a pro with his right hand even though he is most definitely left-handed.

Shawn has worked at the same job for the last 13+ years. He is currently the House Supervisor at Belmont Care Center, which is a home that takes care of mentally delayed clients 24 hrs a day. They run programs during the day until 2:30 p.m. and then have a residential situation the remaining part of the day/evening/night. He is over the 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. shift. He also is an administrator of another home setup with 3 clients. He deals with staffing and client needs. He is very good at his job and I'm ever so proud of him. Shawn is an avid hunter and is not restricted to October as the only month he hunts. He seems to go all year long. He starts big game in August and then sprinkles some bird hunting in throughout the fall. He's taken up trapping to carry him through March, though currently he hasn't been out to do that. We camp as often as we can (which hasn't seemed that often the last few years) during the summer and always make a trip Memorial weekend. We try to go to Salmon ID for that trip, though the last 2 years haven't worked out and we've had to stay closer to home. Shawn has brought the love of the outdoors to our little mix and we're willing to share it with friends and family.

Kimm has worked for the Idaho Dpt of Fish and Game for the last 8.5 years. I am a Financial Support Tech which means I sit at a computer and don't go into the field. Nor do I have a Biology degree of any kind. I do paperwork. I answer phones, do invoices that we need to pay, data entry on vehicle reports, and I can sell a license like no other (okay, actually there are a lot of other people that can sell licenses as good or better than I can, but it's my blog). I enjoy my job and only work 28 hrs a week. I work from 8:30 to 2 and get home by 2:15 which is just in time to kiss Shawn goodbye, accept responsibility for the kids, so he can get to work by 2:30. We see each other when he gets off at 10:45 and weekends. It's worked for the last 8 years so we can do it. :)

We also have had the neat opportunity to spend time with Shawn's sister Janie's two children. Janie passed away a year ago and we miss her immensely. We get to spend Monday and Tuesdays with Madison and Broderic though and we love them so much. They are wonderful kids and have brought a lot of creativity and smiles to our lives. Madison is 10 and Broderic is 7, so they are the perfect ages for Kyler and Bayden and they actually get along pretty well. There is the occasional fight and they can spend too much time together though they'll never admit it. They are constantly (it's equal among all of them) asking to play at one house or the other and want to see each other what seems to be daily. I have recorded two productions they've come up with so far and expect to record more. Once I get them edited to Madison's taste I'll post them somewhere.

So this is my very first post. Hopefully it doesn't stay up as the only post for too long.