Monday, April 19, 2010

And Summer is here...

Wow. I know, it's supposed to be Spring still but it hit 79 degrees today. How is that Spring? It was 75 yesterday. The kids want water under the tramp but I keep saying no until the canal water is turned on. I can't afford to use city water as often as they want to. If the weather doesn't cool off, I could guess we'll be getting the water turned on in a couple of weeks. Can't wait. Shawn cleaned up the yard in a major way since he couldn't go to Jocelyn's Baptism with us so it was my turn today. I cleaned out the front flower beds. I think it took me almost 2 hours. That's what I get for not cutting my roses back last year. I think we're going to give it a few more weeks before we plant the perennials though. Tomorrow I'm supposed to work on peas, onions and carrots in the garden. We got about 30 strawberry starts planted last week. I cleaned out the pots for the tomatoes in the green house. We used mostly what we had from last year but it was buggy from the year off it had. Not good. We had a dismal crop of tomatoes and it wasn't from lack of trying. Granted we got started late, but we'll do better this year. I'm waiting until we get our tomato plants before I put new potting soil in the pots. Also, we got 2 100 ft hoses from Home Depot Saturday and found we needed one more. They were an awesome price ($16 each). We also got 5 hose cradles so we can hang the hoses up next to their spigots. Is that the right word? Anyway, I had to throw out 3 hoses that the stupid Tig dog chewed the crap out of. Holes everywhere. We are set now though. I'm a dork when hoses make me happy. Now we just need sprinklers. Tig chewed those up too. We're going to do a much better job this year of reigning that dog in.

I put on a pedometer this morning. I also tried to work hard outside. I'm tired right this moment. I need some new pants but I don't want to buy 14's so I'm trying to at least lose a size so I can buy a new pair of pants. I've read that vigorous yard/garden work is excellent exercise. Oh and my fingers hurt at the nuckle, but I think that's from knitting.

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  1. Nice work. I am excited for your garden, cause I get to come steal from it! Also, did you get more chickens? How is the hurt one? Ok, so we are moving back on Saturday. Just thought you should know and try to be excited ok? :) We want to be your new bowling buddies/movie watcher friends. We only have one pair of friends. You will be seeing a lot of us. Plus my clinical is only like a mile from your house so I may come over for lunch. :) Love you lots, buh bye now. Oh and way to keep up on the working out, garden or not it is still working out! More than I have been doing. Enjoy this novel.